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The Top 5 Issues Facing Each State This Year

Are you staying on top of the staggering number of bills that statehouses pass each year (45,000+ in the last session alone)?Even if Congress is stalled, state legislatures remain extremely busy and productive. So we’ve compiled a one-of-a-kind resource for issue trackers and state legislation trackers to help make sense of it.The Top 5 Issues Facing Each State: CQ Roll Call's 50 State Project

We talked to more than 70 reporters across all 50 states and Washington DC and asked them to identify the Top 5 issues facing their state this year, and to write a little bit about each issue.After reading this 83-page guide, you will know:

  • The top, most common issue across all states (hint: the current Congress isn’t focused on it at all)
  • The Top 5 issues in your state
  • Clear nationwide legislative trends
  • Interesting parochial issues (we’re looking at you Atlantic City, New Jersey)
  • Much more…

Download your free copy to see what each state, and the nation as a whole, is really legislating on.

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