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Getting Your Issues in Front of New Members and Staff

With the new 115th Congress in January came 52 freshman house members, seven new senators, copious leadership and committee changes, not to mention hundreds of new staffers. Those changes mean advocacy organizations have to scramble for attention and start the process of educating on their issues all over again. But how do you stand out from the fray and make sure that you and your message are communicated to the right people in their new roles?
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Creating a Seamless Fly-In Day

With peak fly-in season around the corner, and scores of groups visiting the Hill, how can your organization rise above the noise to make an impression on lawmakers?
The answer? Having a well-planned out strategy going in.
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How to Boost Advocacy Email Open Rates and Get Your Supporters to Act

Despite multiple channels to reach your advocates these days, email still remains king when it comes to telling your story and motivating supporters to act. But there are multiple pitfalls, from the subject line all the way through to the call to action, that can cause your emails to go unread.
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Building An Advocacy Content Calendar

If you work in government relations, getting attention for your issues can be a challenge amidst all the competing noise and chatter. One of the best ways of doing it is through sustained, authentic and authoritative content that gets dispersed through multiple channels. But you need a strategic plan – otherwise known as the content calendar.
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Leveraging Your Trade Association Membership for Advocacy

Do you use your trade association for research? Advocacy? Conferences? Coalitions? Networking or education?
Most of us don’t even scratch the surface of possibilities when it comes to utilizing our memberships. Learn how you can change all that in relation to advocacy and lobbying.
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Coordinating Your Grassroots and PAC Efforts

Lauren DePutter, Grassroots Advocacy and PAC at the American Pharmacists Association, and Joshua Habursky, Director of Advocacy at the Independent Community Bankers of America walk you through getting your PAC and Grassroots on the same page for better all-round success.
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Regulatory Grassroots: Advocating Before Executive Agencies

Lucreda Cobbs, Senior Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs at Catholic Charities USA, shows how to best navigate the regulatory side of advocacy with case studies and examples of grassroots success.
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Creating Your Powerful Advocacy Brand

Eric Gilbertsen, Executive VP of Digital Strategy at RepEquity will walk you through how to use branding for your issue to create momentum in getting your advocates engaged, your lawmakers listening, and your organization front and center in everyone’s minds.
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Mobilizing Advocates Around Regulations

It’s often a tall order to make advocates understand why they should care about agency activity and the policy creation and management process. Our guest speaker, Meredith Nethercutt, has spent over 12 years managing advocacy programs for major associations and will share insights and successful strategies for rallying supporters around regulatory issues.

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Lobby Day Best Practices

Andrew Fullerton, Government Relations Manager at the National Kidney Foundation, will provide practical tips and strategic insights on successful Lobby Day programs. At the end, he’ll present a master program you can use as a blueprint for your next awesome Lobby Day.

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Using Marketing Automation to Strengthen Your Advocacy Efforts

Chris Scavo, Digital Marketing Strategist at Informz, will provide strategic insight on how to leverage marketing automation to optimize your communications, gain and retain members, and enhance your advocacy.

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Advocacy Copywriting 101: What to say, where to say it, and when to click ‘send’

Vivan Swertinski, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Informz, will show you how to engage existing advocates, build an automated email strategy, hone the presentation of your brand, and grow your membership.

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A step-by-step guide to integrating Facebook and Twitter with your advocacy software

A technical how-to and overview on integrating social media accounts with your professional advocacy software, including Facebook applications versus integrations, Twitter widgets, and modules, and the right analytics to track your success.

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Grassroots Advocacy in a Digital World

Best practices for creating and using a central portal or advocacy platform to promote and engage your issue with your grassroots.

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